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As you have probably already guessed, I’m Lisa!

I was born in Sydney, raised on the Gold Coast, and then lived in Melbourne for a little bit (but I call myself a Melburnian because, let’s face it, Melbourne rocks).

I’m an entirely self-taught photographer. I wish that I could say that I studied photography or fine arts, buuut, I’m actually a trained lawyer. I know, right!

Last year my husband, my cat and I packed up our lives and moved to Tokyo. We were yearning for adventure and to leave our routine lives behind, and it was the best decision I ever made. Now, I’m a freelance photographer for multiple businesses around Tokyo, and I’m also an English teacher for kids and adults.

At the airport before we moved to Japan, right after I waved goodbye to my parents at the departures gate in a flood of tears, I stopped by the airport bookshop. The first book I saw was called ‘ikigai’, which is a Japanese word roughly translated to ‘reason for being’ or ‘sense of purpose’. I bought that book, hoping that my adventures in Japan would lead me to find my ikigai.

Little did I know that it had been there all along.

Photography is my ikigai. It’s what gives colour and shape to my life.