Adela / Shinjuku

Sometimes I see headshots on Linkedin or on websites and I think, yeesh… that was clearly taken at an awkward company-mandated photoshoot three years ago. 

We live in an age of technology and visual imagery, where social media and websites are usually somebody’s first insight into a business and are fundamental marketing tools. Especially if you are a freelancer or professional, people will inherently want to know more about you so that they can make decisions on your product or service and whether it’s right for them.

When Adela reached out wanting a couple of professional headshots, I knew that I wanted to shake up the usual standard of a headshot by incorporating a slightly more human and lifestyle element into the images. She also mentioned that she was completely uncomfortable in front of a camera (even joking that I’D need a Prozac just to deal with her!) so I also knew that we would need to break the ice somehow.

We visited a cafe inside a beautiful hotel and began the shoot by having a simple cup of coffee! It’s always fairly obvious when someone feels uncomfortable in front of a camera, and so to capture images that express sincerity and authenticity it’s important that whoever is in front of the lens feels comfortable to open up. In between sips of coffee we took some photos (the morning light streaming into the cafe was to die for!) and by the end, in between talking about living in Tokyo and careers and relationships and psychology and all those other juicy topics I love to talk about, we took full advantage of the beautiful hotel lobby to get a variety of backdrops.

A brilliant morning with this incredible woman!