Anthony & Erin’s Surprise Engagement in Tokyo


On a fairly uneventful Saturday evening I received an Instagram message: ‘Are you free for a shoot? It’s for my friends in Tokyo. Oh yeah, and it’s a surprise proposal.’

Cue heavy sweating. Oh my goodness.

I had always wondered when I would receive my first surprise proposal gig, and it was here so unexpectedly! Whenever I thought of surprise proposals I immediately thought about all the things going wrong: the camera smashes and dies, the SD card glitches, important moments are out of focus, overexposed, underexposed.. Imagine the possibilities of failure! To make sure we had the event covered from all angles and as a ‘just in case something goes wrong scenario’, I brought my husband Ben along with me as second shooter.

With a little ninja stealth, I organised the meeting location and time with Anthony and Erin’s friend, who acted as a go-between with locations and times.

We arranged to meet outside the Inner Garden of Meiji Jingu. Instead of a code word or a signalled cough, we instead had a code backpack: 'Tell him he’ll see me in a big ugly red backpack. Get him to follow me down the path to the jetty!’ We made eye contact with Anthony, and we began the walk down to the pond of the Inner Garden and the final proposal location. Just steps behind us were two people who didn’t know us, but we knew all about them!

Once we arrived, Ben and I took our positions (and shooed away a few people who wanted to go on the jetty - sorry to them!) and that’s when the magic happened.

It all happened so quickly, with Anthony getting down on one knee, and it was truly beautiful. I cried my little eyes out while shooting! We snapped those special moments until it was time to congratulate the lovebirds and tell Erin that the entire proposal had been captured, and that they had a 45 minute shoot ahead of them!

A shoot I will remember forever in the cool sunlight of Tokyo on a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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