Melissa / Shinjuku

I met this sizzling goddess through a random Japan travel planning Facebook page, and by chance one Saturday we were both free in Shinjuku!

I had mentioned a while back to her that I was missing Shapes and Tim Tams from Australia, so this absolute legend lugged three boxes of Shapes and two packets of Tim Tims from Australia (and around Kyoto and Osaka) just for me! It’s one of the the nicest things anyone has ever done!

We wandered around Shinjuku taking snaps wherever we thought looked pretty and we came away with some pretty amazing photos (if I say so myself!) If it wasn’t for that random Facebook page I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet this lovely lady and have a truly wonderful afternoon with her in Tokyo.

*By the way, as I’m typing this I’m munching on some Cheese and Bacon Shapes. Deeelicious!