thalia-star & jarrod

Where do I even begin, I mean, have you SEEN our photo set? Wow, just wow, they really speak for themselves.

Let’s start off by saying Lisa somehow managed to capture AMAZING portraits of us two pumpkins and made us look like professional models here for Tokyo fashion week (lmao), but she also really encapsulated the FEEL of each prefecture we were in. From the moody organic traditional autumn landscapes of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden to the upbeat city vibe of Shibuya scramble crossing. Two polar opposites, both on the same day, photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

If you’re unsure about taking part in a photoshoot while in Tokyo I couldn’t recommend this experience with Lisa enough, she captured something your typical travelling selfie stick just can’t. Lisa was also kind of like a bonus tour guide who shared with us some unknown Japanese do’s and don’ts as well as being an all-round lovely human and someone I’m glad I can add to a very short “I met a genuinely good person” list. She’s just WARM, she radiates this kind friendly personality that doesn’t make you feel awkward posing in front of and I can honestly say I’ve never met someone so passionate and excited about getting the perfect shot. Do it, just, do it.

Our experience with Lisa was the highlight of our amazing trip and we can’t wait to return to Tokyo in spring just to share some more time with this amazing soul and her camera!

then family

First, thank you so much to let us know our photos were ready and it's sooner than we have expected.

Second, thank you for you have captured our day so perfectly. You have been amazing, so professional and friendly!

I'm not that good on writing, however you are the BEST BEST BEST photographer in the world!!!!

I will recommend you to all my friends who want to travel to Tokyo.

Thank you so much.



First of all I, decided to follow Lisa on Instagram, because I fell in love with the shades of colour, the vibes and the power of her photos. Every single moment from the day I started to follow her, I also begin to realise how skilful, knowledgeable and smart this beautiful woman was. Her photos are so intense that it seems you could get in the place she captured in her frame. Her Instagram looks like a fairytale where you can dream about these marvellous Japanese places and get lost in them as in a dream .

I was so lucky and glad to meet a lovely and cheerful soul as Lisa. It was the first time that I saw her in real life, but she made me feel comfortable and fearless while posing for her shoot, as we were old friends knowing each other from a very long time.

She has the ability to capture the feelings of the moment and put them in the frame, and if you will read her description below the photos you could surely understand what I’m saying.

I also could say that Lisa is like a cup of tea during a rainy cold day: she warms you up with her lovely smile , her kindness and joie de vivre !

I recommend to meet her and take a coffee and beautiful walk in the various neighbourhoods of Tokyo, while talking to her, other than making some photos around, because it’s really worth it.



From start to finish Lisa was a delight! Truly a fresh of breath air, my children and I had such a good time it was easy to forget we were in front of a camera. As we moved through Yoyogi Park there was nothing but smiles and laughter-and it was all genuine.

Lisa’s sweet and easy disposition brought out the best of us all and it was reflected beautifully in our pictures. Thank you again Lisa!


This AMAZING photo is my students’ favourite shot from my day with Lisa. Not only did she take the nicest photos, she also gave me a mini-tour of Shinjuku looking for the best photo ops!

I will definitely cherish the memories of these photos. I’ve already recommended her to all my friends heading to Tokyo! All the best Lisa and thanks for the magic shots! #instaworthy #kamerakween #chokawaii

P.S. Sooo I might be going to an audition soon and it’s mostly because of the Tokyo photos!


Well, I mean, I was kinda pooping my pants a bit and was like omg what if it’s awkward, and you made me feel so comfortable ad it was literally like hanging out with an old friend and I had so much fun and honestly I cannot believe how good these photos turned out!